about EIDPL

Services Offered

End-to-End turnkey contracting

We aim to simplify the construction process for clients by providing a one-stop solution for their design and construction needs. This comprehensive approach allows clients to focus on their vision while we managethe complexities of the project from start to finish.Seamless designer-contractor coordination ensures a cohesive vision, efficient execution, and successful project delivery.We have several industry specialists on our panel with expertise in electrical, plumbing, HVAC, woodworking and other fields which help us ensure accuracy in our services.

Modular & Material Sourcing

Our Material Sourcing & Modular furniture tie-up with Architrade India Private Limited (Website link) ensures adaptable, space-efficient solutions designed for flexibility. Customizable components allow for versatile arrangements, catering to diverse preferences and optimizing functionality in modern living and workspaces. The best part being, all material for the said solutions are also available, under one roof.

Project Management Services

We provide comprehensive project management for architecture and interior projects, ensuring efficient execution, timeline adherence, and quality control for seamless delivery of projects.


Our team also consists of dynamic architects and interior designers crafting innovative, harmonious spaces. Collaborative expertise blending aesthetic vision, technical proficiency, and client aspirations for exceptional design solutions.